What major should i choose in university?

(soksahas5) #1

I want to be an engineer but i’m a girl . Is it suit to me? Is this sector good in Cambodia nowadays?

(Vannak Eng) #2

being a girl doesn’t mean you can’t be an engineer. If you love it go for it. They will be proud of you when you can do it well while other men can’t do it.

(Sinith) #3

Do what you love and you will do the best! My sister also study that field. She has challenges her colleagues and got a scholarship to finished her master in Thailand. This month she will graduated her master. I’m not sure about job opportunity but I’m sure there will. We (Cambodia) still need more intellectual workers. Inspire yourself to be one of it!

(cheabhour_cl) #4

I think you should choose base on your preferences.Many people are looking for a major which provides them a good job. However, a well-paid job does not always satisfy your life. So I recommend you to choose what you like because you will work for it without much pressure but you love to do it.